Delivery and payment details

Our operating currency is British Pounds
(GBP), however we can also accept
payments in US Dollars (USD) and
Euros (EUR). If you choose one of
these currencies, the exchange rate
currently being used will be displayed.
We update this regularly, however if
you spot a discrepancy, please let us know!

Amounts shown will be in GBP, USD or
EUR depending on your choice of currency
payment. The following link will convert the
amount to other currencies to give you an
idea of how much you will be paying in
your own currency if different to GBP, USD
or EUR. Please note that the exact
exchange rates used if your bank account
is in a different currency to GBP, USD or
EUR will depend on your own bank's

Once payment has been received we will
endeavour to post the item(s) to you within
three working days. Payments through
PayPal will be almost instantaneous
whilst cheques and postal orders will take
a few days to clear.

These prices are based on the cost of first class postage using Royal Mail's first class postal delivery service. For further details please visit Royal Mail. We will post to anywhere in the world.

If you have a UK bank account and wish to pay by cheque or postal order please make it payable to 'The Fat Pack Playing Card Company' and mail it to our address (see 'contact us' page). British postal orders can be obtained in some countries other than the UK; see Royal Mail for further details.

For all orders in excess of 8 packs please contact us by email at

Please note that any orders over 2Kg in weight cannot be dispatched to anywhere outside the UK using Royal Mail. The cost of delivery will involve using a courier service.

Any other enquires relating to payment or the specifics of an order can also be dealt with by sending us an email.